Barley health benefits

Approximately 9000 years ago our ancestors started to cultivate barley! What began in the Middle East as the most ancient form of agriculture, spread with the time over the world. Barley was so much for human beeings as for animals a cereal of first need and of vital interest.

In its original form, barley is used today largely for animal feed or for making beer. Although this cereal was one of the most important in Europe some centuries ago, it is now far behind wheat, corn or rice. In Scotland barley is used to destill Whiskey.

Barley contains many useful nutrients. It is highly cleansing, especially for the liver, gall bladder and urinary tract and remineralizes the body.

It is a rich and filling alternative to add to soups, stews or cereal cream. It’s gluten level is low, so it’s not recommended to bake big breads with barley flour.

Find a very fresh summer recipe with barley in the menu “video”: Avocado tartar. Enjoy!

1 cup barley
3 cups water
Cooking time: 55 – 60 minutes


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