Curry for kids: and always repeating the same question…what am I going to cook today? What would the little ones like to eat? The strange thing is that they eat without complainig to much stews in different variations. Why not trying a vegetable curry, really easy and fast to cook?!

Recipe for 4 people, 30 minutes preparation


1 cauliflower

3 carrots

4 – 5 potatoes

2 pears

1 onion

5 cm fresh ginger (ore more if you like it)

colza oil

100 gr. red lentils

1 TS currypowder

1/2 TS fresh grated curcuma/turmeric (if you don’t have it fresh, take the powder)

500 ml vegetable stock

2 soup spoons sour cream

salt, pepper, fresh cilantro



Wash, clean and cut the veggies into cubes or “roses”. Cut the ginger and the onion in small cubes and steam them in the colza oil, until it’s all glazed. Add the carrots, potatoes, lentils and cauliflower, flavor it with the curcuma and curry powder, let it roast a little bit and then add the vegetable stock. When it’s all boiling again, put the temperature on low, and let it stew for 15 more minutes, with the lid closed.


At the end, add the sour cream, carefully and serve the curry with fresh cilantro on the plate.

For the little ones who don’t like “picante” very much, I add two pears in the vegetable stock. Their sweet taste will balance the slightly savoury taste.

Enjoy everybody! Heike.



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