Lentils healthy benefits Ayurveda

Ever since man began to work the fields they have belonged to the five useful plants. In India, more than 50 varieties are known. All are high in protein and zinc and are essential for the vegetarian diet. They are also very economical and ideal for making creamed vegetables, curries, dahl, fillings for crêpes, side dishes or the well known winter lentil stews with potatoes and spicy sausage. Lentils are easier to digest than beans or peas.

Varieties of lentils, a palette of color
Red lentils: small, peeled, cook to a very soft texture
Puy lentils: green lentils
Beluga lentils: small and black like caviar
Yellow lentils

Soak the lentils before cooking (you don’t need to with red and yellow lentils). Throw out the water after soaking.
Cooking time varies depending on the size of the lentils:
Red and yellow lentils: about 10 minutes
Puy lentils: about 20 – 30 minutes
Larger lentils: 50 – 60 minutes

Remove the white foam that emerges during cooking with a skimmer. If you’re worried about gas, add cumin, a bay leaf, thyme or fennel to the pot.


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