Whole grain healthy

How can white pasta and white rice be replaced?
At first glance, they’re not harmful to your health, but they also bring no positive nutritional value.

White pasta and white bread are “empty”, they have no nutritional value.
During digestion, your carbohydrates are quickly converted into glucose. This causes a rise in blood sugar level and settles in fat deposits, if the body doesn’t burn it. This effect is equivalent to sugar ingestion.

Whole grains, however, break down slowly, keeping your blood sugar stable and provide the body with valuable nutrients like fats, minerals, vitamins and create a lasting feeling of fullness while promoting good digestion.

No one has to necessarily eat whole grain all the time. Sourdough bread made with rye or spelt is more digestible than whole grain dark breads. Pasta is also sold semi whole: a good alternative between white or whole grain pasta. It is important to digest what you eat, otherwise, you can’t even use the good that your food provides.

There are good alternatives to replace white flour products that are also easy to prepare such as quinoa, amaranth, millet, barley or buckwheat. Not only do they provide new ideas for the preparation of dishes, they also provide more color and extra energy!


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