Acid-Alkaline Balance
Providing the body with 20% of acidifying foods and 80% of alkalizing foods would be the ideal. For many people today this proportion has been reversed. In the short run, over acidity can lead to skin problems, allergies, insomnia or digestive problems. In the long run, it can lead to the development of more serious diseases like rheumatism, gout, osteoporosis or cancer. Food has a direct effect on our body’s functioning and our health!


What to look for?
You should look at how food is metabolized. During digestion, either acidic or alkaline substances are produced, depending on what you eat. During the metabolism of white sugar, acids are produced; to metabolize lemons, alkaline substances are produced. Not all acids are bad. Walnuts, for example, produce “good” acids while animal fats, proteins, and white flour produce “bad” acids.


Responsible for increased acidity
Ready to eat foods, refined rice, refined oils, alcohol, sweetened carbonated drinks, nicotine, drugs, preservatives and finally, the failure to take in enough natural water, which helps in detoxification. Excessive acidity of the cells and the intercellular space is considered the fundamental cause for the development of diseases.

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