Alkaline baths healthy
The subtlest way to eliminate acidity is through alkalizing baths. Special salts can be bought for this specific purpose and are added to the bath water once the tub is full. 3-4 tablespoons are more than enough and the temperature of the water should not exceed 36-37 degrees. The bath in itself should last between 60-70 minutes. The body can, this way, rid itself of millions of toxins and excessive acidity.

In neuropathy the feet are considered the “second kidney”.
A foot bath for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 38-41 degrees is another way of eliminating toxins and acidity.

Skin brushing
To promote the elimination of toxins in the bath, you can brush the skin. Always brush in the direction of the body’s “drain pipe”: the shortest path is through the feet, hands, armpits and the groin. From the neck, brush towards the armpits, from the elbow to the fingers and in the other direction from the elbow to the armpit. From the knee brush towards the groin or from the knee to the foot. Finally, from the abdomen brush towards the groin.

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