Bio healthy natural food

BIO tastes better, doesn’t contain any chemical additives and is definitly healthier.

The fruits and vegetables should be fresh, of good quality, be seasonal and from your region. If it’s possible, buy them directly on the market. Support the local farmers! Ask them, how they work their fields. Not all of them have an expensive Bio certificate, but grow the vegetables without using any chemical additives.

Nowadays there exist numerous cooperatives, which send once per week a basket of fruits and vegetables of the season home. A coloured mix of what nature offers right now: Fresher and healthier impossible. It saves times in your daily shopping and unnecessary packaging waste. Some cooperatives or producers ask two or three times per year help in easy tasks. It’s a good thing for those who live in big cities to get back closer to nature and appreciate what nature “produces” for us. A salad cannot grow overnight and cost 20 cents. Too many fruits or vegetables for one person? Why not share with your neighbour or a friend?

Healthy food does not have to be expensive. Bio products cost much less in the supermarkets than in the small shops (because of distribiution costs) and they are of good quality. To calculate well the quantity of products we need in order to avoid throwing food away is another good option to do a favour to our pocket. And a bit less meet also balances the budget and protects the environment! If you make a decision to change to a healthier and sustainable nutrition, do it! It’s easy to do, it’s fun and very satisfying.

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