Fruits & vegetables

By eating from 400 to 800 g of fruit or vegetables on a daily basis we can prevent many diseases. This means eating 5 servings of fruit or vegetables a day. (An apple weighs some 100 g.)  Grated, raw, blanched, baked, roasted, whole, with the skin, diced; options for preparing them have no limits.

The property of cancer inhibition has been attributed to the many substances contained in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins and minerals. In addition, we are provided with more energy. Our desire to move, to practice sports and interact socially increases. All in all, we are provided with a higher quality of life. There is no official classification that says that broccoli is healthier than onions or has greater qualities in preventive health practices.

Tip: a small carrot always is always tastier than a large one. An “A” for the small ones!

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