Miso delicious paste

Miso is a fermented soybean paste. It looks a little like brown butter and has a rich flavor. It can be consumed in several ways: in soups, with vegetables, stews or as a spread on bread. Miso adds an exquisite flavor to vegetables dishes. A true pleasure both for the palate and for the health.

Its content in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, 85% unsaturated fatty acids, high quality proteins and the almost total absence of carbohydrates makes this spicy paste a culinary gift. It is especially recommended for people who have to watch their diet for health reasons. Miso metabolizes alkalinically and is free of lactose, gluten and cholesterol. It’s light and rich. Give it a try.

Miso can be found in the following compositions:

  1. Hatcho Miso: soy
  2. Shiro Miso: soy and white rice
  3. Mugi Miso: soy and barley
  4. Soba Miso: soy and buckwheat
  5. Genmai Miso: soy and natural rice
  6. Natto Miso: soy, barley and ginger

Mugi Miso is the tastiest for the European palate. Hatcho Miso has a much stronger flavor. Each person must choose their own favorite.

A teaspoon of miso per person is considered to be a good dose.

Take a little of the stewing sauce at the end of cooking time, mix it with the miso in a cup and add it back to the stew. Do not bring to a boil! Just remove from heat and serve.


–       Never boil the miso

–       Miso already contains salt. Use less salt in the preparation of the dish.


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