Because we all want to be beautiful and well loved, there are a thousand tips you can follow to help achieve these goals. I’d just like to add the two that have helped me to lead a happy life.

Just as I entered adulthood, the calorie counting craze from the United States became fashionable in Europe. This was a real cross for me to bear, because I then weighed 86 kilos. After many ups and downs on the scales, I finally lost my weight to arrive at the 65 kilo mark and I wanted to keep it that way. It wasn’t easy. Luckily, I remembered Saint Pancras. I gave him my word, “to not eat after seven o’clock if he helped me maintain my weight.” Giving “your word“ is very important in helping maintain our intentions. Now it’s been more than 30 years that I’ve followed my temporary daily diet and we, my body and I, are both feeling great.

The second tip I’d like to share has been my attempt to avoid doctors and medication as much as possible. I firmly believe in the ability to heal one’s own body and support this belief with old home remedies. 

Both are easy to do, highly beneficial and free. 

Irene Liebig Quintana, 88 years old.