Pomegranate  Ayurveda – Tridosha

The pomegranate – or the so called paradise apple – has a special position in the ayurvedic food tradition: su taste is sweet, sour and astringent. But despite of it´s sour qualities, pomegranates don´t have an “acid” effect on the metabolism. Therefore all 3 Doshas can enjoy this fruit fully! Pomegranates are balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Aside from pomegranate, the amla fruit has the same special effect.

Pomegranates are good for the heart, digestion and have a stool binding effect. In addition to that, they have an anti aging effect on the skin and strengthen our immun system. Pomegranates also are well known as an aphrodisiac.

How can you get to the best part of it, the bits, without sprinkeling your T-Shirt and the kitchen wall over over with little tiny red points? Easy: cut the pomegranate with a really sharp knife in two halfs und put them into a pot filled with cold water. Now “under water” you can easily bring the bits out with your fingers. Catch them in a siev and devour them fresh in a salad or on top of a dessert or just like they are. Pure.

Here comes a great salad recipe with pomegranate: Click here for the Chaat Salad recipe.


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