Preparation of food important

Eating habits, as scientifically proven, are the main factors responsible for preventing the risk of disease (such as cancer) through: the choice of products, their preparation and the quantity. (1)


Whenever possible we should avoid cooking processes at very high temperatures, such as frying. Burnt food should never be consumed. Grilled meat or fish should be consumed with moderation. It is not recommended that you eat frequently smoked or cured foods, or foods which are too salty.

Careful cooking, of both vegetables and meat or fish, is recommended. Very little fat is required, the natural taste of the product is enhanced, the food does not dry out or burn and nutrients are preserved.

Macrobiotic cuisine focuses on the effect that foods have on the body according to its natural state and its preparation and classifies them as foods which are: calorific, expanding or contracting … It’s a very interesting topic, for all those who want to find out more. (2)

(1) Deutsches Institut für Ernährungsforschung (DIFE) German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIFE).

(2) Annemarie Colbin: Food and Healing.

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