Cooking is human and healthy

The formation of social structures is perhaps the most significant factor of human evolution. But cooking is what makes us human! The homo erectus began the practice of cooking more than 1.9 million years ago. Cooking became a social activity: gathering the food, preparing it, waiting until it was cooked, eating it in company of others without stealing their portion … *1

If we cook food, we are capable of consuming it in large quantities without a considerable digestive effort. (Cooking is a pre-digestion).

Nowadays, unfortunately, cooking and eating together is no longer as valued as it used to be. Many people barely have time to go shopping, much less for cooking. Why not take the time to treat yourself and those around you that appreciate it? Watching what we eat to later more carefully observe how it makes us feel.

Fifty years ago the household budget for food was much higher than it is today. In contrast, we now spend more on clothes, cars, decor etc. Fifty years ago approximately 40% of the household’s income was spent on food. In 2012, this expenditure has dropped drastically to a mere 14%.(2)

Food can help us prevent disease and help us, time and time again, in bringing our body to a state of optimum health. Cooking is human and healthy.

1. Eduardo Punset: Excuses not to think (or Excusas para no pensar, in its original version in Spanish, Destino, 2011)

2. Statistisches Bundesamt (German Institute of Statistics),

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