Tomato basil chutney – veggie

Tomato basil chutney is a very smooth, mild chutney. It has a balancing effect on the three doshas and do a harmonizing work. For those who cannot eat so hot spiced dishes, or doesn´t want to stress Pitta more then necessary, for those is this chutney ideal. Basil counts to be one of the most sacred plants in India and belongs to the most sattvic herbs. It creates harmony in your mind and body.

The preparation is easy made and can balance a very spicy dish for dinner or just be an companian during dinner with bread. The recipe comes from Kerstin Rosenberg, “Die Kochkunst des Ayurveda”.


3 ripe red tomatoes

1 big bunch fresh basil leaves

2 SS olive oil

1/2 TS salt

100 g yoghurt, 3,7% fat

1 pinch of cardamom

1/2 TS black pepper

1 SS Fenu greek leaves dried (asia shop)


First peel the tomatoes (with a sharp nife or using hot water), take out the pits and cut them in fine pieces. Wash the basil leaves.

Put all ingredients in a mixer and blend them.

And ready is the delicious tomato basil chutney! Enjoy and be good.



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