Pitta Dosha

Pitta dosha – Pitta is derivative from “tapa” = heat und means, to consume something through heat. Pitta is a thermic principle. It produces fractionation through liberation of energy. Pitta is defined from the fire element.

Pitta types dispose over much energy, the agni (digestive fire) is strong by nature and they can be happy about a good health. Only if agni burns too strong, it can lead to a “burning” sensation in the digestive tract, heartburn or other troubles.

Properties, that Pitta creates and mantains: hot, slightly oily, movable like liquid, penetrating, sharp, fluid and sour.

Pitta functions

Digestion, catabolic metabolism, sight, heat, creates energy, provides a healthy colored skin, stands for bravery, brilliance, anger, intelligence, strong hunger and thurst.

Pittas headquater

Small intestine, navel region, lower part of the stomach, eyes, red blood cells, sweat

Pitta attributes

General appearance: medium high, medium developed, well proportioned

Body features

Shoulders, chest, arms, legs: medium developed

Skin: warm, humid, rose colored, birth marks, freckles, early wrinkled skin, pimples

Hair: brown, blond, early grey, tendency to hair loss, bald head

Face: wrinkles, flabby skin, reddend eyes, lips medium size and red coloured

Mouth: bad breath, tendency to inflamation of mucous membrane

Hands: warm, rose colored, humid

Armpits: bad smell, humid warm

Muscles: loose

Nails: soft, rose colored



Stool: plenty, loose

Urin: exessive, yellow, sometimes burning

Sweat: excessive, strong smell


Voice / Way of speaking

Voice: acute, tight, sharp

Way of speaking: clear, flowing, convincing, argumentative, good speaker


Mental qualities

Attitude: decided, hotheaded, ambicious, stubborn, determined, competetiv

Behavior: agressive, quickly angry, quickly happy again, fearless, determined, goal oriented, decision making

Emotions: angry

Intelligence: excellent, sharp thinking, fast comprehension

Memory: good

Sleep: 7 hours, godd sleep quality

Hobbies: sports, politics, hunting, debating

Sensibility: against heat and to much sun

Deseases: fever, inflammations

Sexuality: medium performance, dominant

Offspring: medium number

Wealth: medium


Specifics for Pitta Dosha

Strengh: medium, good fighters, difficult to restrain

Immune system: medium

Appetite: thurst strong, hunger strong

Animals connected with Pitta: serpent, monkey, cat, bear, tiger


Pitta is increased by factors like: anger, alcohol, sun, heat, emotional stress, to much responsability, pressure at work. Pitta is increased by the three tastes: sour, salty and hot. These are to avoid, if Pitta is high / unbalanced. Especially citric fruits, tomatoes, meat, fermented produce, sour dairy products, vinager, mustard, hot spiced dishes and to much salt. It´s better to season moderate. Also if Pitta loves spicy, hot currys! You´ll get used to it!


Pitta is predominant in the mid aged life part from 20 – 40, at mid day, and noon, during digestion and in late summer and autum.


What is good for Pitta – and what is not

The magic words for a Pitta balancing diet are: cool, light, dry. To cool down the heavy burning digestive fire, we should eat food which is easy to digest, salads, whole grains and ghee shouldn´t be missing! From time to time make a fruit day; tart herbs and sweet spices can balance Pitta and relive disorders.

To balance the strong Pitta emotions, do some sports, work in the garden, swim in a fresh water lake, practice pranayama or meditation.

Fruits good: mango, cherries, grapes, melon, figs, pomegranate, sweet apples and peas. Fruit must be sweet. Dried fruits are recommendable, especially dates and raisins.

Fruits not so good: all citric fruits and sour fruits like pineapple, sour cherries and sour apples. Avoid all what is sour.


Veggies good: especially all green veggies! Spinac, mangold, asparagus, brokkoli, brussels sprouts, white cabbage, peas, ocra, potatoes, green beans, zucchini, fresh germ buds, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cooked carrots, all lettuche. Veggies are Pitta meat. Steamed onions are good in a moderate consumption.

Veggies not so good: eggplant, raddish, tomatoes, chili, sauerkraut, all fermented veggies


Cereals good: all cereals, especially oats, rice, barley, spelt. Always in whole grain.

Cereals not so good: rye, millet, soy


Fats good: Ghee cools Pitta down, olive oil, sesame oil, cocos oil, colza oil, butter

Fats not so good: no deep fried foods, no cheap fats and oils, these are to avaoid always.


Spices good: cilantro, cumin, fennel, safran, turmeric, dill, fenugreek, vainille, rose, cardamom, pippali peppper, cloves, fresh ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon

Spices not so good: chili, sambal olek, cayenne pepper, dried ginger, mustard, mustard seeds. Asafoetida increases Pitta slightly.


Proteins good: mung beans ! the green ones are the best for Pitta, yellow mung beans, chickpeas, chana dal, masoor dal, red lentils, nuts (except cashew and pistache), almonds are very good. Sesame seeds increase Pitta only a little bit.

Proteins not so good: meat, cheese, buttermilk, kefir, quark, eggs, should be eaten only with moderation. Urad dal (black dal) is not good.


Sweetener good: acre sirop, honey, cane sugar

Sweetener not so good: white sugar, Jaggery, fructose

I´m having a very clear Pitta Dosha and in the last years I became an expert in Pitta balancing food and recipes. It works, that´s the good news. Adapting your food habits, you can achieve a lot by cooling down the Pitta fire. You have to say “no” to some of your very appreciated foods, like sour soups or hot currys, but you will get used to it! ah, and don´t eat your soup to hot ;-).












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