Cucumber raita – vegetarian

Cucumber Raita is a spiced yoghurt with refreshening and cooling cucumber cubes, Easy to make like a Dip for veggies or on bread for lunch. Raitas like this one are a good balance to a very spicy curry dish. The recipe comes from Kerstin Rosenberg “Die Kochkunst des Ayurveda”, a compilation. Fresh, nicely spiced, delicious.

Effect on the doshas: according to Ayurveda, yoghurt is not a good agni supporter and increases Kapha. But with the added spices this effect turn and Kapha can eat it, without exaggerations


500 g yoghurt, 3,7% fat

1/2 cucumber, pits taken out

1 TS cumin grounded

1/2 TS turmeric

1/4 TS black pepper (or Pippali pepper)

1/4 TS sweet paprika grounded

1/2 TS salt


Peel the cucumber, take the pits out and cut it into small cubes. Mix the cubes with the spices and the yoghurt and let it steap for at least 15 minutes.

Enjoy it with fresh chapatis or a crunchy baguette!


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