Umeboshi wonderful Japanese plum

Umeboshi can be found in two ways: either as pickled plums in water and salt, or as a spreadable paste. Both have the same citric tang. The plum is put, pit and all, in the mouth and sucked like a candy; the paste is spread on bread or used for salad dressing. It is very refreshing and has an enormous effect on health.

Do not eat large amounts of umeboshi plum paste. The tip of a knife is sufficient. Umeboshi has an antiseptic effect, it overcomes fatigue, relieves dizziness (in pregnant women), detoxifies, is an antioxidant, calms the nervous and digestive systems,  whets the appetite and aids greatly in taming a hangover. Among all alkaline foods, umeboshi is considered the queen. If you have consumed too much sugar, cake or white flour products, you can balance the body by eating one or two umeboshi plums.

Tip 1: umeboshi vinegar, which causes less demineralization of the body than ordinary vinegar, can be found on the market.

Tip 2 : umeboshi, either in plum form or in paste, should always be kept in each household.

Recipe: sweet and sour sauce with vegetables mandala (mentioned by Montse Vallory)

1 teaspoon of umeboshi paste

2 tablespoons of rice molasses

2 tablespoons of water

3 tablespoons of virgin oil (olive or flax)

First, mix the umeboshi paste and the molasses with water. Stirring constantly, add the oil until everything becomes an emulsion. This sauce is delicious with vegetables al dente and adds a touch of decoration.


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