Beef stock smooth – like my father prepared it – is simply fantastic. My sister Antje re-cooked it and with her recipe you can try it easily at home! It’s a delicous sunday soup, very enjoyable. Take some time and dedication and you’ll get a very good one. Here comes the story:

Time for preparation

Cut and peel: 20 minutes, cooking: 3 hours

Ingredients for 2 l. soup

1 kg beaf meat, look at the foto, I can’t translate it (part of the leg)

500 gr. beaf bones, look at the foto

1 onion meduim size

1 leek

1 parsley root

1/2 root selery (not the green sticks, but the white round root)

2 carrots

2 bay leaves

fresh thyme, 4 branches

1 teaspoon black pepper grains, 3 grains pimento (looks like a bigger pepper grain), 2 maces

fresh parsley, salt and pepper


Wash the meat and the bones with cold water and put it in a big pot, covered with water. Bring it to strong boiling. Than pour it through a siev, wash the meat again briefly with cold water and clean the pot.


Now put the meat again in a pot with 2,5 l. of water and boil it for 15 minutes on half heat. Take away the foam, which appears on the surface.

Than add all other ingredients. Let it cook smoothly by low heat for 2,5 hours. Really slowly.


Take the meat and the veggies out of the pot, pour the liquid through a siev in a second pot. Let th soup cool down for some hours or during the nicht. Take away the fat on the surface with a spoon. Or, if you like it, you can eat it with the hot soup! Fat carries flavours. If you generally prefere stronger tastes, you might cook the soup for one or two hours more and reduce it.


Important: pour the soup through a cloth – to clear it best. Warm it up again. Season to taste with salt and pepper. And some fresh parsley or royale (eggs) if you like it. Guten Appetit!


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