Cabbage rolls filled with pumpkin have a fine and slightly hot flavour. They are steamed and therefore maintain a lot of good nutritions. Another variation which proofs, how versatil you can cook veggies. Surprising, delicious and tasty. This is a first class recipe, that can be modified according to your “gusto”. It comes from Jositas Hartantos cook book “Vegan Genial” and is like many other recipes of her very recommendable! The trick how to roll the cabbage is easy to copy and looks fancy.

Ingredients for 4 persons

8 wide ! expanded china cabbage leaves

500 g hokkaido pumpkin

2 cups of cooked brown or white rice

1 small can of red beans

5 cm ginger

1/2 bunch chive

2 SS roasted sesam seeds

juice from 1 lime

4 SS walnuts

1/2 TS sambal olek

2 SS soy sauce shoyu


olive oil

kitchen thread


Wash the china cabbage leaves, dry them with a cloth and put them into a big flat bowl. Salt them slightly and let them take effect for at least 20 minutes. So they´ll be rollable easily later on. Rasp the pumpkin. Let the beans drip of and smash them with a fork. Then mix them up with the cooked rice and the pumpkin rasps. Grind the ginger finely, chop the chives and give them together with the walnuts roughly chopped, the sesam, sambal olek, soy sauce and the lime juice to the rice-pumpkin mix. Stir it all well and season with salt. Now put the filling onto the cabbage leaves, fold the sides into the middle and roll them completely up. Fix it with the kitchen thread and pour a bit of olive oil over it. Put the rolled cabbage wraps in a steam pot and with a closed lid steaming for 15 minutes.

This tomato sesam sauce is a delicious addition

3 big tomatoes

10 cm cucumber

1 pinch of marjoram

1/2 garlic clove

3 SS tahini

2 SS olive oil

salt, pepper

Cut the tomatoes in small pieces and cut the middle out. Peel the cucumber and cut it in cubes. Put all ingredients into a mixer and blend it to a smooth salsa. Season with salt and pepper.

Enjoy these wondeful cabbage rolls filled eith pumpkin!

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