The translation of Masala is literally “a mix of several aromatic spices”. The most important blend of spices – above all in North India – is Garam Masala. Its difference in comparison to a lot of other blends of spices is the use of roasted coriander and cumin seeds. It’s more than worth to make your own blend! It’s highly aromatic! The blends in supermarkets show often unwanted additives and the taste is moldy. Garam Masala fits very well with tomato or onion sauces.

Closed in a jarr and stored in a cool place, your Garam Masala blend will keep in best conditions for 3 month.

The original recipe for this sprecial blend ist from Julie Sahnie.

Effect on the doshas: increases vata and pitta. For pitta types it would be an option to use pippali pepper instead of black pepper.

Ingredients for 3 cups (you can also do half of the quantity)

3 soup spoons black (circa 20) or 2 soup spoons  (circa 75) green kardamom capsules

3 cinnamon sticks (7 cm long each)

1 soup spoon cloves (whole)

1/2 cup of black peppercorns

1 cup of cumin seeds

1 cup of coriander seeds


First get the seed out of the cardamom capsules and put them beside. Throw the capsules away. Breakup the cinnamon sticks with a noodle wood. Then roast all spices together:

Put a heavy pan on the cooker and give it medium heat. Add the spices into the dry pan and stir them continuosly. No fat or oil needed! Within the first 2 minutes the specis loose their moisture. After that they get brown/dark very easily, and one have to take care that they don’t get burned. Take them out of the pan and let them cool down on a plate or a in a bowl before going on with the process. Then use a hand coffee blend machine (like your granny used to blend the coffee beans, that works really great) and blend the spices down. Fill your blend in a glass and close it well. And ready. It’s also a wonderful gift for any occasion.

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