Pasta with tuna is based on the “tomato sauce stock” recipe. Both are originally from Jamie Oliver and his book “Genial gesund”; I find both excellent and extremly delicious. The thuna sauce with lemon and  capers is made in a flash, almost in the same time, your pasta needs for cooking. Within ten minutes you´ll have a first class pasta experience on your plate! And one thing I found very tasty was the pinch of cinnamon at the end. A perfect match with the lemon capers and tomato sauce. Deluxe. (I normally don´t eat much meat and fish, but in this case I make an exception).

Ingredients for 2 persons

150 g pasta in shell form

2 TS mini capers

grinded skin of a bio lemon

2 SS cottage fresh cheese

300 ml tomato sauce click here to discover the recipe

1 can of tuna fish (200 g)

1 pinch of cinnamon

olive oil


Cook the pasta according to the descrption on the package. At the same time roast the lemon skin and the mini capers in a pan with a TS of olive oil and medium heat. Take the lemon capers out and put them aside. Pour the tomato sauce into the same pan, with some sprinkles of lemon juice if you like. Let the tuna fish drip off, take him out with a fork and add him to the tomato sauce. Spice it with a pinch of cinnamon. Now fold in the cottage cheese and let the sauce simmer until the pasta is done. Save a cup of pasta cooking water and mix carefully the pasta with the thuna tomato sauce. If needed, add a bit of the cooking water. Fill the pasta on a plate and sprinkle the lemon capers on top. A really delicious pasta variation!

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