Watermelon salad with feta is definitely a culinary summer highlight! You won´t need a dressing, because all ingredients seasoned with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice provide a wonderful flavour. Jiuy, fresh, cool, sweet and slightly salty – a complete bowl in summer colours. For a light lunch or a dinner during the hot summer month is this watermelon salad ideal. With good skills and a round curved knife or a sharp spoon you´ll be able to cut out the pulp of the peel and use it as a “natural bowl”.

Ingredients for 4 persons

700 g cold watermelon (without peel)

250 g feta cheese

20 g fresh mint leaves, and/or basil leaves

a good hand full of black olives (without the pits)

1 small red onion

1 – 2 limes

1 pinch of salt

olive oil


Peel the red onion and cut her into fine slices. Put the slices in a small bowl, salt the onion and pour the limes juice over it. Put it aside and let it marinate for al least 1 hour. The onions are going to loose their sharpness, get a rosa color and a sweet-sour and fine taste. Cut the pulp of the watermelon into bite-sized pieces, take out the black pits when necessary. Crush the feta cheese with your hands in rough pieces and give them with the olives to the watermelon. Decorate with mint or basil leaves and some red onion slices. Put some drops of lemon juice on top, stir it very carefully and ready to enjoy your watermelon salad with feta.

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