In september the trees are full of the delicious purple plums (not the green ones) as you can see here on the foto: a tree in my sisters garden. And now is the best moment to harvesting them and make your own plum butter. It’s delicious on bread and will warm your heart in some of these grey winter days! Smells sweet and divine, like in your grandmothers kitchen and tastes lovely. For yourself or some good friends, a nice and aprecciated present.

Ingredients for 5 – 7 jarrs (depends on the size)

3 kilo fresh plums, washed, pitted and cut in halfs

500 gr. of raw cane sugar

1 cinnamon stick

5 cloves


Put all ingredients in a tall pot and heat it slowly up.

When liquid is forming change from the pot to a baking dish and fill the “sugar – plum mass” in there. Now put it in the oven for 3 hours at 120ºC and let reduce the whole fruit mass.

Take it out and fill the plum butter still hot in very clean jarrs, close them tightly and put them upside down, on a cloth to avoid spots on the table and support the vacuum effect.

Important: you must cook the jarrs first with boiling water to sterilize them and to avoid mold.

Ready to enjoy.

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