Yellow mong dal with fresh tomatoes is a delicious dinner, aromatic, filling, easy to digest, very rich in proteins and has a detoxing effect. More good qualities in one soup…impossible! I prepare this mong dal almost every week and with a bit more of quantity, you have your dinner prepared, when you come home from work for the next couple of days. Definitely recommandable. (Yellow mong beans do not produce flatulence). And the dal get’s better from day to day. Yellow mungo dal are pealed green mung beans and they don´t have to be soaked before cooking. If you´d like to know about the healthy benefits of mung beans, read on here: mung beans nourishing.

Effect on the doshas: tomatos increase all three doshas. I recommend to cut out the skin and the pits. Black mustard seeds increase Pitta. But with a lot of coriander and fennel seeds, this shuold be balanced. So we have here a “tridosha” dal.

For 4 persons – preparation time ca. 45 min.


150 gr. yellow mong beans (Asia Shop)

250 gr. fresh tomatoes (3 big ones or 12 cherry)

2 cm fresh grinded ginger

2 soup spoons olive oil

1 tea spoon black mustard seeds

1 tea spoon coriander fresh grounded

1 tea spoon fennel seeds, roughly grounded

1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder, or even better one fresh root finely chopped

grounded black pepper or pippali pepper – for Pitta types

1 L veggie stock


1 bunch of fresh cilantro leaves, roughly chopped

1 clove of garlic in slices (optional)


Wash the mong beans with cold water in a colander. If you have big tomatoes, cut of the stalk put them into a bowl, pour hot water over and wait 2 minutes. Take them out, let them cool down and pull the skin away, plus the pits. Cut the clean tomatoes into chunks. If you’ve bought cherry tomatoes, just wash them and cut them in quarters. Peel the ginger and chopp it finely or grind it.

Put olive oil in a pot and heat it well (not until it smokes). Add the mustard seeds and wait until they popp up. Not too long. Than add all the other spices, stir it all for 1 minute, add the tomatoe chunks and the mung beans. Stir it again for 1 minute. Than pour the veggie stock into the pot. Let it brew slightly for 30 – 40 minutes, with the lid closed until the beans are completely dissolved. Add 1 glass of hot water in between – if it’s necessary – it should be creamy – not too liquid. Finish it with salt and pepper and at the end give the cilantro leaves into the dal.

Tipp: smash the fennel and coriander seeds in a mortar, it makes a big difference to the grounded spices that are already packaged. It’s worth this little effort.

Yellow mong beans are pealed green mong beans. They don’t need to be soaked before cooking.

The original recipe stems from Marion Grillparzer and her book “Simple Detox”.

Enjoy and sleep well!


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