Made with love

The most important ingredient and healing effect in the preparation of all meals and dishes: is Love! It’s always available and free, it causes well being, health, joy, gratitude and satisfaction.

A home cooked meal has many advantages: we know exactly what it contains and where it comes from. Nobody else will use such good ingredients as you do, not even your favorite restaurant. Cooking at home means to take care of yourself and others in a very lovely way. Take your time! For both, preparing and eating. Have you ever prepared food in a haste and gulped it in a second? Doesn’t feel very well…We only have to do 3 things in life: to sleep, to eat and to evacuate (and to die certainly). Why not enjoy calmly the best?

Like Albert Einstein detected more than 100 years ago: mass and energy are determined mutually. In the same way it works with the love and the food we prepare. The energy is transmitted! And “made with love” comes before “bio”.

You don’t know how to cook? I don’t believe you! Just try.



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