Mung beans nourishing

They look like small green peas or soy beans and are staples in the ayurvedic kitchen! They are considered as the best lentils among all. So hard and indigestable they appear in a dried condition, so famous they are for their salubriosness. You can find green mung beans, yellow ones, whole beans, peeled or splitted ones. India is their country of origen, but by now they are very appreciated in Asia and in Europe. You can cook them in soups, like a Dal, make patties out of them, mix them into your salad or let them germinate. And the world famous Kitchary, a solid part of any ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment, is made with rice and mung beans. It cleanses gently the bowel and creates new energy for the body. Dal is made out of splittet mung beans = the yellow mung beans are mung dal.

Properties: dry, slight, not mucilaginous, cold

Taste: sweet and astringent

Effect on the doshas: reduces Pitta and Kapha and doesn´t disturb Vata. Green mung beans are a good remedy for obesity and helpful in reducing weight.

The healthy benefits of the mung bean:

She is low in fat. With only 274 kcal/100g and a high share of fibers she is an ideal diet food.

She doesn´t produce flatulence, you can it mung beans for lunch at the office without problems. Especially in the evening or for dinner it is recommended to eat these magnificant beans. They have an calming effect, are very satisfiying and supports a good sleep.

The mung bean is a highly qualified protein source, with a share of 24% protein. Furthermore she provides minerals like pottasium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins and folic acid.

In combination with rice one gets an protein profile of high valence! This is espacially for vegetarien or vengan people an ideal substitute for meat and keeps you satisfied for a good while. In countries of latin america it is very common to combine beans and rice.

Mung beans slag and detoxify the body. Their skins contain enzymes, which detox the intestine. Only this way all foods and nutritions can be completely absorbed, the immune system can be stable and the vitality can be high.

Mung beans are recommendable for everyone: young, old, sick, healthy, or with health issues. There are a lot of delicious recipes here on this site, so I´m sure you´ll find your favorite way to prepare mung beans properly.

Green mung bean soup

Yellow mung dal

Mung bean patties

Mung beans nourishing


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